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We strive to involve our patients in all aspects of their care, ensuring that they understand each step of the process. We care about your comfort, care, and satisfaction and are dedicated to providing friendly professional services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Client Reviews

This is my second rheumatologist clinic, and 3rd practitioner. Dr Ta has taken the time to LISTEN to me on every visit, be it in person / zoom / or tele med.
Yes does he run late. However, that’s because he is spending the time it takes with his patients not some pre-allotted time that we all wish it would take for a visit.
I now come for infusions and the new office and setting is lovely, Lilli is joy.
Thank all for helping me live my a life better every day. - Jennifer S. - 8/30/2021 

I first saw Dr. Dada in 2010 after seeing many doctors who were unable to properly diagnose me or understand the reason for my symptoms. After four years, I finally saw Dr. Dada. I highly recommend her. She is a fantastic doctor and very knowledgeable. Her assistant Alice is extremely responsive and helpful. I have followed up with Dr. Dada and continue to appreciate her expertise and recommendations. She helped unravel what other doctors could not and I am so thankful for her. - Rene' C. - 7/12/2021 

Such a Fantastic clinic with Awesome staff to help you! LILEE is the best Nurse you can get anywhere. The new clinic they have moved into is wonderful. Dr. Dada and Dr. Ta are the best Dr around.
This clinic uses all new equipment, heated chairs for infusion, heated towels, private consultation rooms. They have in house blood draw for any of your tests needed too. - Cole C. - 6/20/2021 

Overlake Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center is a free standing full-service medical center, with a staff of full-time Board-Certified Rheumatologists based in Bellevue, Washington.

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